clarke project​

a multigenerational family home ... in the heart of Perth's hills.

Project Brief

The Clarkes came to us in 2007 after purchasing a property in the hills where they envisioned building an inter-generational family home using rammed-earth construction. The main house was to be a 4×2 with spacious living and entertaining areas to accommodate a growing young family. Additionally, the ‘baby boomers’ wanted a private, self-contained unit with the flexibility to interact with the family.

The homes were to be connected in a way that they appeared as one large house, while still ensuring independent living for both parties.


Today, this lovely bush property provides a stunning backdrop to a home created with natural building materials and filled with love. The combination of rammed earth and recycled brick adds warmth and character, inviting you to step inside to explore further.

Entering through the vestibule that connects the main house to the studio, you are greeted by a striking spiral staircase set against the rammed earth walls, leading to a charming library snug.

The main house is expansive in both functionality and space, allowing a family to grow together while ensuring enough room for privacy when needed. The self-contained studio, with its private courtyard, offers a secluded retreat just a few steps from the main house. The cellar, with its double barrel, vaulted brick ceiling, is a cozy space perfect for hiding away and relaxing.

Over the years, the spaces have accommodated the family’s growing needs, proving that thoughtful design can indeed stand the test of time. 

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Garreth and Jo were very generous with their time and provided lots of inspiration as we designed our family home together – a home that has exceeded our expectations.”